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Sharon Maxwell

Director of Pharmacy

My name is Sharon Maxwell and I am the Director of Pharmacy at Comanche County Medical Center. I have held this position since 2015. I obtained by pharmacy degree at the University of Houston College of Pharmacy in 1990, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Before starting pharmacy school, I graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station in 1987 where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science.

My career began in the retail pharmacy space where I worked for a few different corporate companies, including 12 years at a local grocery store chain pharmacy. I switched gears and worked for a Long Term Care Pharmacy for 5 years before returning to the retail pharmacy arena. In 2015, I accepted the position as Director of Pharmacy for our local hospital, Comanche County Medical Center, where I was able to learn an entirely different area of pharmacy operations.

I thoroughly enjoy my position at the hospital and feel as though I am making a difference in the health of our community. I have worked closely with the administrative team of the hospital and developed a great relationship with our providers. I have worked hard to increase the number of programs and services we offer to the residents of this area. During my tenure, we have expanded our ability to provide pharmaceutical services to our adjacent towns by opening 2 new pharmacies in Dublin and Rising Star, Texas. We are in the process of expanding to a third community south of town, in Goldthwaite, Texas.

I worked diligently with our providers and administrative teams to bring a patient assistance program to our health system, called the Med-Assist Program, where we help financially eligible patients receive lifesaving medications at a reduced rate. I have also grown our outpatient infusion program to begin offering life changing biologic medications so patients can receive treatment close to home. We strive to be a pharmacy and hospital that serves our patients with specialty pharmacy products as well as personalized medications with our compounding pharmacy program. We provide delivery services for our retail pharmacy customers to any area, including down country roads and areas up to 30 miles or more from our pharmacies. Getting patients their life saving medications in a timely manner is vital to their health and well-being and we take this responsibility seriously.

God has allowed me to live and work in the Comanche area for over 33 years. I raised four boys in Comanche and I am proud to call this town home. I now have five grandchildren and enjoy spending time with them and supporting them in all their activities. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and participating in my church activities. Working for a faith based health system is a vital part of why I work here. I am proud to say that God has truly blessed me with the opportunities I have had at Comanche County Medical Center and with His guidance, we will continue to expand our services and increase our ability to help the people in our area.