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Certified Pharmacy Technician Retail Pharmacy

Position Summary:

Under the supervision of a Pharmacist, fills physician’s orders, assists with monitoring drug therapy, stocks and dispenses pharmaceuticals, assists with the control of narcotics and controlled substances, receives and fills prescription requests and handles financial transactions inside the pharmacy.



Essential Duties & Responsibilities  

  1. Fills legally written out-patient prescriptions
    1. Under the supervision of a pharmacist, prepares pharmaceuticals for dispensing.
    2. Ensures patient has completed a new patient questionnaire as well as giving the patient the acknowledgement of HIPPA policies and procedures either to return now or mail back at the patient’s convenience.
    3. Enters the patient into the pharmacy computer system including any allergies, health conditions and/or insurance or discount cards.
    4. Inputs prescriptions into the pharmacy computer system as per pharmacy procedures.
    5. Creates accurate prescription labels
    6. Ensures that we are charging the patient the correct price based on their status as a cash customer or insurance patient.
    7. Completes the product dispensing step in the pharmacy computer system as per pharmacy procedures.
    8. Labels the prescription bottle including all applicable auxiliary labels as per pharmacy procedures and Texas State Board of Pharmacy Rules and Regulations.
    9. Resolves any issues relating to third party processing up to and including calling the insurance company for help processing the patient’s prescription.
  2. Assist the Pharmacist in monitoring drug therapy.
    1. Helps with review of drug therapy for contradictions.
    2. Checks drug therapy for the existence of drug allergies or food and drug interactions.
    3. Reviews drug therapy for drug incompatibilities or interactions
    4. Reviews drug therapy to ensure controlled substances are not filled too early including checking the Texas State Board of Pharmacy PMP website if warranted.
  • Performs stock control and issuing duties under the supervision of a Pharmacist
    1. Maintains narcotics and controlled substances records as required by law and policy.
    2. Assists in inventory management including keeping an accurate on-hands for the perpetual inventory in the pharmacy computer system.
    3. Checks in medication orders ensuring that we received everything we were billed for and making certain it was received into the inventory in the pharmacy computer system.
    4. Pulls outdated medication on a monthly basis and removes these from the perpetual inventory in the pharmacy computer system.
    5. Pulls overstocked medication or medications that have not moved in several months, removes these from the perpetual inventory in the pharmacy computer system and returns them to the wholesaler. Should be done quarterly.
    6. Pulls medications that have been ready and waiting to be picked up that are over 2 weeks old and returns them to stock, making certain that no patient information is left exposed on the bottles. This needs to be done at least weekly.
    7. Constantly working on inventory levels that take care of our customers without causing an overstock situation.
    8. Maintains a clean and orderly work area.
  1. Maintains computer operations
    1. Maintains, cleans and operates computers, printers, fax machines, cash register and scanners.
    2. Abides by Legal Compliance Policy Program of the medical center.
    3. Works the contact manager que on a daily basis to ensure we are following up on refill requests in a timely manner.
  2. Completes end of day procedures
  3. Record the number of prescriptions filled that day.
  4. Complete the end of day procedures on the cash register
  5. Get the deposit ready and take to the Business Office.
  6. Include any change orders that need to be restocked.
  7. 340B Program
  8. Complete the analysis of prescriptions not qualifying for the 340B program
  9. Fix any errors at pharmacy level that would allow them to qualify the next time.
  10. Conducts the audit process when instructed by Pharmacist, or consulting firm.
  11. Provide the Director of Pharmacy will a list of non-qualified Rx’s with reasons
  12. Provide the Director of Pharmacy results of all audited prescriptions.
  • Maintains all necessary supplies needed by the department
  • Perform cashier duties as required by customer need.
  1. Files prescriptions and invoices according to pharmacy policy and procedures
  2. Aid in contacting patients needing MTM services.
  3. Perform any other duties as required or assigned by supervisor.

General Employee Responsibilities:

  1. Demonstrates a clear understanding of our hospital mission, vision and values.
  2. Adheres to ethical business practices by striving to perform in a manner that conforms to the highest standards of ethical behavior, integrity and honesty.
  3. Takes initiative and responsibility for decisions as an individual and as a hospital. Exhibits commitment to personal and hospital-wide goals.
  4. Participates in the ongoing development of competencies, capabilities, technology and the resources needed to achieve high standards of efficiency and effectiveness. Approaches everything with the passion and desire to meet the highest standards.
  5. Places needs of the patient first at all times. Care management and service delivery are developed with the goals of the patient’s healing and support in mind.  Strives to deliver lasting value to our patients.
  6. Strives to help lead our hospital through vision, technology, innovation and customer service. Strives to make a difference in the lives of our employees, patients and community.  Encourages a positive environment and experience for co-workers and patients.
  7. Treats employees, patients, and other customers with respect. Fosters teamwork by trusting and supporting each other while encouraging collaboration at all levels of the organization.  Embraces diversity and demonstrates the ability to work together.
  8. Promotes a safe and efficient working environment by adhering to hospital policies and procedures.
  9. Maintains confidentiality of all hospital and patient related information. Protects patient rights as defines in the patient Bill of Rights.
  10. Maintains proper attendance and punctuality to ensure that the department is operated in an efficient and cost effective manner.
  11. Adheres to departmental and hospital dress codes as observed by supervisor.
  12. Communicates information effectively both verbally and in writing.
  13. Attends and participates in employee staff meetings, required in-services, hospital Performance Improvement activities and other meetings as requested.
  14. Utilizes material, equipment and time in a safe, beneficial and cost effective manner.
  15. Organizes workload to complete responsibilities in an appropriate and timely manner.
  16. Observes infection control and standard precautions.

License(s) / Certification(s) / Registration(s)

Required: License as required by State Board of Pharmacy sec 568 page 48

Preferred:  Certified by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB)



Education Required                                      

Required: High School graduate or equivalent

Chemistry and science courses are necessary

Preferred: Junior college is desirable


Amount and Type of Experience                                         

Required:  None, but a history of retail pharmacy experience is preferred.

Can be trained on the job, three to six months training

Typing 30 wpm

Ability to learn the procedures involved in pharmaceutical inventory and dispensing

Position Type

Job Location