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Outpatient Infusions Nurse Practitioner


Provides nursing service in an expanded role as a Nurse Practitioner to individuals, families, and communities. Through use of approved protocols and in collaboration with physician supervisor to provide delivery of services for patient’s needs. Consults with clinic physicians on a periodic basis to review patient’s care according to approved nurse practitioner protocols to evaluate quality assurance in an expanded role of nurse practitioner.  Performs intake exams for the Physiologic Insulin Resensitization program.  Some travel required.

Job Functions

  1. Provides nursing service in an expanded role as a Nurse Practitioner to individuals in the outpatient infusion setting.
  2. Recognizes the ethical and legal accountability of the nurse practitioner’s role within the health care delivery system and to society.
  3. Teaches patients health education / preventive medicine.
  4. Counsels patients on medical programs, expected effects of treatments, dietary measures, and other therapeutic health maintenance measures.
  5. Demonstrates competency of expanded nursing skills based on the knowledge of the nurse practitioner role.
  6. Maintains complete documentation on a timely basis in EMR and Paper record as needed.
  7. Collaborates with Physician Supervisors through approved protocols to provide delivery of quality health care services.
  8. Utilizes expert knowledge to identify areas of need based on protocols to assess, treat, and refer as necessary.
  9. Evaluates all appointed patients as outlined in physician approved protocols.
  10. Obtains a complete history on chief complaints and other problems on patient presentation.
  11. Performs pertinent exams as directed to patient’s history and complaints, specialty exams done if indicated.
  12. Requests or performs laboratory tests, requests x-ray procedures and request other diagnostic tests as necessary.
  13. Consults with the physician supervisor on all cases where the diagnosis or course of actions is unclear.
  14. Collects specimens for pathologic examination.
  15. In emergency situations, administers lifesaving procedures and medications pending the availability of a physician but not to exceed BLS/ACLS protocols.
  16. Coordinates patient care with other members of the health care team and the CCMC protocols.
  17. The nurse will be expected to document all patient care in the EMR.
  18. Collects history and conducts physical exam.
  19. Initials diagnostic and therapeutic orders, relays from physician to chart.
  20. Follows up on patients by making rounds and visits.
  21. Performs therapeutics per physician directions.
  22. Changes dressings.

Position Type

Full Time

Job Location

Comanche County Medical Center